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Full Version: Boots To Dos
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Hello, (I haven't used Linux in while so I'm pretty new to it.)
Here's my question:
I'm trying to boot into a live CD and it goes through the normal start-up porcedures and it boots to Caldera DR-DOS. I've tried this with Knoppix,PHLAK, and Symphony so far.

Here are the computers specs:
Win XP SP2
512 Ram(generic)
Sempron 2800+
no idea on mobo
Hitachi DVD-R
Lite-On DVD+R

If theres any other info that would help just post for it.

Thx in advance.
Without additional information I would suspect that your graphics card is not being recognized by any distribution. Do you know its make/model?

BTW linux knows nothing about DOS. What you are refering to is the console terminal. Typically linux has 6 virtual terminals. You can change between them by pressing alt-f1 thru alt-f6. alt-f7 is where x windows i.e the linux GUI runs. The virtual terminal runs a shell usually the Borne Again Shell (BASH) by default. This bash shell is 100X more capable then the DOS.
Ahh the graphics card!

Any way its a Geforce 5500 256mb (overclocked)

Also not to flame but on the Shell I'm going to say ok, but if what yor saying is true then its not booting into linux at all.
Thanks though
Its still linux but you just do not have a GUI running. In a nutshell the GUI has two components, the x server and the desktop or windows managers. To list a few desktops and windows managers, KDE, Gnome, Fluxbox, Busybox, xfce, blackbox etc.

I didn't find any answers with a quick search. You might be stuck installing a distribution to hard drive instead of using a liveCD due to none of them having the correct Nvidia drivers.
I think i know what the problem might be--> The HDD

I came to this by trying symphony on my bro's comp (same specs w/o graphics card)

And it loads up Caldera DR-DOS from before and it says not FAT32 Volumes found, and i rembered reading somewhere that FAT32 is for dual booting. and there is alos something called Ntfsread.exe[-u]. Hope this helps. sad.gif
I am totally confused as to what you think is going on. You have a Windows XP box that normally boots to windows right. So you stick a live CD in like knoppix and what happens? You say it always boots to "Caldera DR-DOS"? This doesn't make any sense.

Lets stick with Knoppix because its the one I know best. You stick it in, you get a screen for boot options, you hit enter, things start scrolling, then what? You're at a command line?

I don't think its the HDD, if its a live CD, it doesn't need to touch the hard drive for anything. FAT32 or NTFS or whatever.

Where are you loading Caldra DR-DOS from? Its not on any of the linux live distros because linux doesn't use DOS for anything. Tell me why you think you keep getting Caldera DOS and tell me what happens when you boot a knoppix live CD.
Boy was I on the wrong track. Learn something new everyday...

You are correct the CD is not booting to linux. I did some searching and found another who had the same problem. Excuse me for not believing you on the DR-DOS prompt. What application are you using to create the CD? Are you using CDBurnerXP?

Well, there are several different options in creating a bootable CD. You need to select 'Create CD from ISO Image' or something similar (exact wording depends on application). Selecting any other bootable option will not create a CD with the same information as the original ISO file.

What I think is happening is the mode you are selecting to create a bootable CD is using what is known as disk emulation. The disk emulation used is a Caldera DR-DOS boot image preconfigured by your CD writing application. I also guess that once booted you might see an a: prompt with the Caldera DR-DOS or is it C:?

Once you properly create the CD from the ISO image it should boot correctly.
Good detective work michaelk. If that is the problem it would explain a lot. I have never seen a burning program that will do that, then again, I haven't burned a CD in windows in years so....
I only use Roxio and it asks you for a boot image for floppy or hard drive. I didn't think about another application having a preconfigured boot image.

I was biased in my assumption that a beginer would think a console terminal is DOS.

We will have to wait and see if my thinking is correct.

BTW the readntfs.exe is a DOS application for reading NTFS partitions which was my first clue that I might be on the wrong track.
I was thinking the same thing that you were, that he was just calling a CLI DOS, but I was very confused by the specific version of DOS. It seems like we jumped to the wrong conclusion.
Michealk you were right. The burning was the issue. So i reburnt a copy of knoppix and it worked! Now i just have to get wireless to work >_<.
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