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Full Version: Hate Ms But Scared To Switch
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I would like to switch from Windows to some form of Linux. I used Mandrake about 3 years ago and it was cool. Until I actually had to start messing around with root crap and the guy that installed it for me got tired of me asking tons of questions.

I'm not completely worthless when it comes to computers, but I would rather have a nice friendly OS and not something out of a lame hacker movie. I am just so sick of Bill Gates but am way too poor to get a Mac.
I seriously dislike Windows because of all of the viruses, crashes, and billionares who wrote some code before I was born and now who just sit back and look ugly and think they're better than everyone else.

Sorry for the rant.

Is there a distribution that would work on a Dell Inspiron 1000, with the drivers for the ethernet and wireless network card (TrueMobile 1300) and that I do not have to type in a gazillion things just to get my sound card to work, or change my background. (prefer free)

Thanks a million!

Well i think i am more new to Linux than u are infact. I just started a week ago and i am getting pretty comfortable with it. I am currently using SuSE 9.3. It did have some hiccups along the way but it ain't as bad as you think. Try SuSE 9.3. It looks pretty much like windows but the best part is that its not.. laugh.gif
Novell looks like windows because Gnome looks like windows. Pretty much any distro will have the choice of Gnome or KDE for the graphical enviroment.

In general SuSE is a pretty good and easy one, so is Fedora, I haven't used Mandriva in a long time to say weather it still is or not.

Stay away from Lindows/Linspire its the worst thing in the world. Debian and Gentoo though great distros aren't for newbies.

Thats my advice.
Mandriva is excellnt. I have two mandriva computers at home, and they are pretty easy to look after and setup. My sister uses it everyday with no problems.

Like Jim said, most distributions look (or can look) like Wuindows, because that's hoe KDE/Gnome work. I think KDE is nicer than Gnome, and certainly feels more natural to me.

The problem with Fedora is that, being an American distribution, it doesnt include MPEG support due to export restictions. Mandriva is French and therefore does have MPEG support - Which isnt a major thing, but saves some hassle. Aslo, if you are looking to use multiple langauges, Mandirva is generally regarded as one fo the best multi-lingual distributions, and even stuff like Japanese text support is easy to install (I have tried this myself on both Mandriva and Fedora, and actually gave up on Fedora because of it).

Yeh, I guess I just like Mandriva

without a doubt, PCLinuxOS is the most new-user friendly kde distro in existance. Everything just works out of the box. Movies, mp3's java, website clipt. Not only does it work almost perfectly, it is beautiful to look at and has one of the best user forums you can find. you can go to and get it, but you might want to wait a day or two. A brand new release is coming out very soon. Also, it runs as a live cd so you can try before you commit to hard drive. I have given pclos to people ranging from 12 year old students to 84 year old great grandmothers and they love it.

You can see a review here.

Boy now what you are gonna do: Fedora or Mandriva or Suse or PCLOS?
I use mandrake it works pritty well but it takes some getting used to
I think the universe is trying to tell you to use Mandriva...
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