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Full Version: Mandrake 9.1 And Tulip
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hello all.any help with this would be great.
just installed mandrake 9.1 and i cant get internet connection.
i have a cable connection and a davidcom 100/10 fast ethernet card.
i used mandrake 8.1(bluebird i think) with this card and was able to use dmfe instead of tulip and it worked fine.
so i guess my question is how can i use dmfe instead of tulip in mandrake 9.1?it seems to want to use tulip no matter what i do(which is probably wrong).i have tried to do this in the mandrake control panel but no luck.
im sorry in advance if this post makes no sence to
modprobe is your friend.
davicom 9102???
garbage in linux...go buy a realtek card...8 bucks.
nevermind...i just installed mandrake 8.2...linux uses dmfe for the card..on the net now..all is good i guess
megeddo trying mandrake 9.1 again..still the same problem,
i have davicom ethernet card and mandrake installs the tulip driver for it when i know it needs dmfe. in 8.2 i can install dmfe for the card from the mandrake control center but in 9.1 it simply will not install it. i have been trying for months (see the dates on my last post on this) and havent been able to get any help on this other than "buy a new card" the heck does one install the dmfe module in mandrake 9.1?someone must know the answer to this and it would be GREATLY appreciated.

thanks again
The module is probably already there in 9.1. Just use the modprobe command to activate it and then configure the nic.
i just had to edit the /etc/modules.conf so simple yet so hard
Just curious, when you installed 8.1 did it properly configure the card for you?

If it's not configuring the card in 9.1 you should probably contact mandrake and let them know. They might have broke something etc.
yup in bluebird it installed no problem...thats why i was confused on why it wasnt working
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