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Full Version: Hallowe'en
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Anyone got any special plans for Hallowe-en? We dont really go in for it very much here in England, but I normally go to a party of some kind - No such luck this year though, it's a college night sad.gif and nbody's having a party sad.gif sad.gif

Hopefully I will be going to a fireworks display on November 5th though to celebrate, well, November the 5th. (When Guy Fawkes and co were caught trying to blow up parliament and king James 1st)

I don't know what you mean by

" it's a college night and nbody's having a party"

Here on the UofM campus (thats Univesity of Minnesota for the rest of you) its been non-stop parties since about Thursday night. Tonight, tomorrow night, and probably some on Sunday and Monday as well. All Hollows Eve has to be the best excuse college girls get to dress up like complete skanks and walk around. I love this holidy.
I unfortunately have a full day of lessons the day after, which is bad enough at the best of times. I think college in England is different to college in other places - Here it's just 2 years between Secondary School and University.

My cousin is at Oxford university, I daresay she is having tons of parties too... A couple of years and I will be at Uni too smile.gif (I could start next year, but i'm gonna take a gap year between College and Uni)
Thats right, I forgot that you guys over there have a distinction between college and University. Over here colleges and Univeristies are essentially the same thing. I just finally finished putting togeather my costume and I am ready to head out for my night of partying. WOOT!
Me and some friends are having a costume party.

Drinking, black and white horror movies, and candy.

Does life get any better? =)
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