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Full Version: Video Device?
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I'm new to linux and I have an Ati RAGE 128 with a video-in, video-out, and s-video out connection. I'm trying to get each one of these connections to work, but do not know how. I'm using Red Hat 8.0. I would especially like it if you would tell me how to setup the video-in on my video card with gnomemeeting, but i think i could figure it out if you showed me how to set it as a video device.. thanks
~william johnson
hey ive got that same card i bet...program called gatos you need ...ive never gotten that card to work in linux...i have a 3dfx 3500 that ive also never gotten to run in linux.

i usally just go buy different equipment instead of fighting with hardware.
lol i should say after fighting with not working hardware for 12 hours then hitting the compusa =)

might i recommend you go find a used (or new if you arent concered with price)bt848 or bt878.ive got 4 of them i got for 10 bucks a piece at the local computer exchange.

youll find it makes your video input in linux much smoother =)

also a new geforce 2 with video out is only like 30 out part if you need it.i cannot reccomend anything but nvidia as far as ease of getting tv-out and openGL working..

hope that can find gatos rpms at
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