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Full Version: Free Or Bought Distro?
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Could be fun to see how many bought their distro compared to downloading a free version
I've done both, paid and downloaded for free.

How about shareware? How many have shareware apps have you purchased?
I'm a fairly new Linux user. I've been experimenting with it for almost a year after a couple of decades of using DOS, Amiga OS & many flavours of Windows. I have a small home/office network with a Win XP PC (bought), a dual boot Win XP/SUSE Linux PC (homebrew), a Linspire PC (bought), network printer, DSL internet, and sometimes my Win XP laptop.

I bought Xandros 3.0 last winter. Pretty and easy to use as a user, but not quite ready for a newbie administrator.

I'm now running SUSE 10 (bought it). It's very very good overall (although I'm disappointed that after installing the whole 340 MB multimedia package off the DVD it still wouldn't play an MPG video. I followed the advice on another forum & installed mplayer, which is great so far.) SUSE's YAST software management is much better than Xandros Networks. I never did successfully install anything from other than the Xandros CDs.

I just bought my daughter a new PC with Linspire 5.0 preloaded. It is also very good, and actually talked to my printer with no pain at all [unlike Xandros, which took a week of headscratching and a couple of emails to their very helpful tech guys].

I have also played with free versions of Linspire & Ubuntu. I have a Linspire live CD which was attached to a Linux magazine from the UK. I popped it into my laptop in a hotel room and in a couple of minutes it booted up, found all my hardware & I was on the internet. Great! I keep the CD in my laptop case when travelling in case Win XP dies & I have to send an email or get a file off the HD.

grrrr - Linspire. Gives Linux a bad name.

Anyway, I always download Linux myself. I got Mandrake 8.2 & 9.2 shipped to me by Linuxcentral, back in the days when I didnt have broadband (mind you, most people still dont consider 512k broadband... That is unfortunately still the standard here in England though. A few providers are trialling 24meg, and 8meg is alread available to a few though - But I digress). There doesn't seem a lot of point in buying a distribution like Gentoo on CD, since you need a decent net connection to actually install anything. I often just get the "net install" CDs now, that way I only download the packages I want.

Downloaded Mandrake (er...Mandriva I guess) 10 and then upgraded to 10.1.

It's good, except for the packaging system...I'm going to try Debian this summer.
The last version of linux i bought was RH8.0...

I bought previously...the following versions:
RH5.2 <- this version cost me a monitor and a video card (for some reason getting sync rates and v/c settings wrong really suck)
Never used any 6.x versions
I run gentoo, which means you really can't buy it. Gentoo pretty much is an all download distro by nature. But in the past I have run Red Hat, Mandrake, and I currently run CentOS on my server, all of which I downloaded. Wait, I take that back, I got a copy of Red Hat with the book I bought when I first started to learn Linux. But I have never bought a distro in a store like SuSE or what ever.
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