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Full Version: Redhat-8.0 Blues
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I was using Redhat-7.3 but not without such

1.My video card (intel extreme graphics card integrated on intel845GLLY chipset) was not supported and i have selected vesa generic from the list and it worked.the resolution was 1024x768(in 16 bit color depth).

2.My sound card (intel AC 97 ICH4) was not supported.

So recently i upgraded to redhat-8.0.It recognised my video card correctly as intel845.And this card was there in the list of supported cards.after installing i tried to configure X-window.using xfree86 command.(Xconfigurator has been removed from redhat-8.0 it seems).So i entered evrything manually.

horizontal sync:30-55
vertical syns:50-120
name: S/T/56E/V (something like this)
video card:
Intel 845( selection code 359,this card was there in the list)
video memory:8mb
And i have choosen resolution 1024x768 ( 24bit color depth) as the starting mode of X.And after finishing i started X.then i got a blank terminal
and a floating message:

So i tried resolution 800x640( 16 bit color depth) with the other things same.then started X.It started and it worked fine.Now from X ,i started X-display and from there i probed for my monitor and video card.It probed the correct monitor( with same sync ranges as given in the monitor manual) and video card.but i want to increase my can i do it??

now a bit of information that might be helpful:

1.I have already set 8 mb of video memory in BIOS.
2.This time selecting vesa generic also doesn't works.
3.Sync ranges are correct.(taken from manual as well they were auto probed).
the new command to configure stuff on redhat 8.0


try that
I have configured using the command:
i haven't tried your command,coz i am online rightnow.but i was wondering if changing the command will work out.Thanks..
no help from that command.i have configured using
xf86config i have entered manually.

anyhelp plz...
Hi all...

i solved the problem now the resoluton is 1024x768(24 bit color depth) and it is perfectly working( no crashes of x server).
anyone has the same problem can contact me.
In my opinion, nothing beats opening up the /etc/X11/XF86Config-4 file manually and editing it like that. I have an obscure monitor that I have yet to see supported in any distribution, so that is the way I have to go.
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