Hi guys,

I have a smoothwall box here set up to route data between a Green(internal) and Red(external) interface. The box was primarily implemented for monitoring bandwidth purposes. Two internal logical subnets exist, and The subnet has its own net connection. I want the subnet to be able to communicate with the subnet through the smoothie. The gateway for the workstations on the subnet is the smoothie(of course). Because I want the subnet to route to the subnet I added a network alias (on the smoothwall) on the subnet. This automatically added a static route for the subnet through the internal(correct) interface. From the smootie I can communicate with any of the machines on the subnet but can't communicate to the subnet( from the workstations on the subnet. The machines can go out through the red(internet) interface though. I'm not sure if this is a bug or a configuration problem. The Administration guides for smotohwall didn't help me and due to the differences in smoothwall and your average linux distro I'm finding it hard to find other resources(plus im a 'nix noob).

preemptive thanks