Hello Everyone!

I have a RocketModem ISA 4 port board I'd like to install in any one of the following distro's: RedHat 8, Mandrake 9, Suse 8.1, or Lindows 3.0.

I tried the manufacturer's install documentation, but I think it's written for the 2.2.xx kernels and doesn't work for the 2.4.xx kernels. It's supposed to be compatible with Linux. I noticed that each distro has a module for the board in the .config file. Is there something I need to do to activate that module? Can anyone tell me the procedure for setting up this board in Linux? I've checked all the documentation I can find, and there isn't much help.

I'm trying to merge from Windows to Linux, but need to be able to use the multi-port board for higher bandwidth. (no broadband in my area) I'm new to Linux and your help will be greatly appreciated!

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