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Full Version: About Mysql....
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I own a xbox, and have installed Xebian in it.
Xebian ip:, my computer

I did everything according to this:

except I installed mysql server 4.1, otherwise the same. Everything went according to plan, but when trying to contact mysql server from another computer in my lan, it can't. I'm using SQLyog as connection program.

It just says: Error 2003

can't connect to mysql server on '' (10060)

How can I make the connection to work?
First you'll need to make sure your Xebian box doesn't have iptables running, and is connected to the internet.

iptables -F

iptables -F shouldn't return anything, and I'm sure you'll be able to tell if you have internet via ping. wink.gif

Now, grant access for your remote computer.

GRANT ALL PRIVILEGES ON databasename.* to username@'' identified by 'password';

This is from memory, I havn't tested it. Are you sure your computer is Sounds like your routers gateway.

You might also have to edit my.cnf, read the comments. happy.gif

Good luck
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