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Full Version: Install...not!
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I have a box (P4, 1.8g, 1g RAM) that had W98se on it for a few years. I cleaned off the HD and decided to install Linux. I acquired Xandros Business Edition v3. Everything was going beautifully until 6% into the installation when it stopped dead. I played around for several days trying various and sundry things. I finally decided that something may have gone wrong when I cleaned the Windoes file system from the, maybe, I screwed up something in the MBR and it was puking on me. So I bought a new HD. Xandros still refused to load past the 6% mark. I threw up my hands and got my fingers on Ubuntu 10.5. Same thing. All goes smoothly until approsimately 30% into the installed when it stops dead in its track. I'm all outta things to check. Any ideas as to what is going wrong?

Jim Reese
Sarasota, FL
Sorry to hear you're having problems, but this post should go into 'Tech Support', not general discussion.

At what point in the install does this happen? A percent doesn't help. wink.gif

Does it hang when trying to initialize the network? Does it hang during partitioning? Does it hang when copying files?

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