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Full Version: Two Questions...
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Hi, i am new to Linux and i am having a little trouble with my Ati graphic card.
Im using Suse 10 and i dont get any hardware accel. I have tried to use the drivers from ATI but they didnt help.
Has any1 had the same problem..
I would also like to know how to get Windows to run after i remove Linux. I am using Grub at the moment.
The last time i took out Linux Windows did not start...

Hope some1 has some answers for me..

How did you install the ATI drivers? Can you post the contents of /etc/X11/xorg.conf? (might be called XF86config)

The second question depends on whwteher Windows is actually still installed. What does your partition table look like?

If you're using grub to select your OS then you can change the default (and the amount of time it takes before that default happens).

You'll have to log in to Linux as root and edit /etc/grub.conf. Use gedit if you're not familiar with vi or emacs. There will be lines that looks like this:


Change the 1 to the number that corresponds to Windows. When I had my roommates sharing my box I had this set to:


"default=3" means use the third option below (which in my case was WinXP).

"timeout=30" means pause thirty seconds before loading the default (which gives you time to tap a key and select Linux if you want).

If you do this you can leave linux on your system and use it only when you need it without the whole tedious install, uninstall, re-install brou-ha-ha.
Though i wont suggest removing Linux. Still, if you have removed it, and you want windows back.. then you can use "fixmbr" to fix the master boot record. You have to boot with Windows XP in rescue mode for that.
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