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Full Version: Error Loading Operating System
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Oops. Sorry about this. Can someone remove the duplicate posts. I didn't read the technical issue prior posting, so kept trying to submit. I do apologise.

Hi All,

A bit of background: I am coming from a totally windows background with relatively no linux experience. I am however, getting perhaps bored with the Windows OS, annoyed with the activation policy and the limited control you have over what Windows loads. What I'd like to do is explore Linux/MythTV for my choice of HTPC operating system.

I am playing about with a spare system I have here. I installed Linux (Knoppix distro) and played with that - and then thought to install Windows (I won't bore you with why here - but it's not because I'd been scared off by linux just yet ). Between installations, I wiped the hard disk so I had a clean slate.

Oddly, installation of windows goes through fine, but once the system restarts, I get the message "Error Loading Operating System". I can however install linux once again with no problems.

Can anyone tell me what's going on?

An interesting thing also occurred while installing Knoppix. When I chose the Configure and install to hard drive option, I could not perform any disk related functions (e.g. creation of partitions formatting etc). The message I was getting is something like the Disk is Readonly, you do not have permissions to access the disk - I even tried removing all the partitions from the disk using Partition Magic 8.1.


Not a problem, it would be nice if someone would get around to fixing it (or give us an update).

I get the message "Error Loading Operating System".

You probably need to clear the MBR. Do you have a windows boot floppy? If so, boot it up and type 'fdisk /mbr'

As for your other problem, I would suggest not using Knoppix. It's not really meant to be installed to the hard drive.

While I would usually reccommend Ubuntu, the new version that came out is not ready for desktop, IMHO.

You might want to try something like Fedora.
Thanks Termina. I was wondering if that might be all it is. Will give that a go.
Yep. the ol Fdisk /MBR was right on the money cheers
Glad to hear it. =)

Closing thread
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