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ive just fresh installed debian with the net install floppies, when i log in all i get is a command prompt, i dont want anothter DOS i want the full desktop enviroment, wth do i do?
When doing the install, it should have asked you what you'd be using the computer for.

Choices would have been similar to:

( ) Web server
( ) file server
( ) desktop enviornment

If you had selected desktop enviornment (or similar), it would have installed a GUI.

If you did this, and it's not coming up, try typing 'startx'


apt-get install x-window-system desktop-base gnome

That should (IIRC) install everything you need. After that's installed, startx should get you started.

If you arn't familar with the command line, then perhaps you shouldn't be using Debian. Try something more user-friendly like Ubuntu or Fedora, that won't confuse you. wink.gif
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