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Full Version: Graphics Not Working
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I am trying to install fedora 3 in server configuration on to an, oem p3, microstar motherboard, intel 815 @ 800mhz, 256mb sdram, 30gb hard drive.
Install goes ok and works as long as I only install the basic desktop functions. Problem is I wish to use this system as a server and would like to install system as such. When I install as a web server it boots to username and password then when I press enter either the screen goes black with rows of coloured vertical lines on the right hand side or if it goes through, when I try to access applications from the desktop (to begin configuration) the pages scroll together and overlap. It's like the graphics can't keep up with the requested tasks. I have to mouse over everything to be able to read it.
During install I get "monitor unknown" although I don't think this is the problem as it works ok in desktop configuration.
ISO's are ok and this system has run win98 and xp with no problems.
Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.
although I don't think this is the problem

That is the problem (or at least part of it).

What confuses me is why you'd be installing the GUI (and using it) if this is going to be a server. You'd be better off using SSH (putty).

Do you really want half of your CPU% being spent proccessing pretty colors? wink.gif

Anyways, on to your problem...

Find your monitors manufacture and model number. Google, and try to find your horizontal and verticle refresh rates. Use xf86config (probably in /usr/X11R6/bin/xf86config) to redo the X configuration, this time entering your monitors information in manually.

Also make sure the right video card is being detected.

Good luck.
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