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Full Version: Which Version For Compaq Presario 700 Notebook?
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Hi people.
I have a Compaq Presario 700 series notebook (725 AU, to be exact), and all I am using it for is to play mp3's and watch movies (which usually makes it overheat and shut down. Probably full of dust and cigarette ash, doh).

Anyway I thought I might install Linux on it, as some sort of project, and to make my notebook more interesting again.

Question is, which version of Linux would be easiest for me to put on.
I'm not a total noob, I have used it before, quite comfortable with a command line, although I have forgotten a lot.

Any help much appreciated, thx.
If you are playing MP3s and films then rule out Fedora Core right now, it doesnt ship with mpeg support.

Mandriva is nice and comes with some good multimedia apps. If you do decide on Mandriva, then wait a couple of weeks since the first 2006 version will be publically available soon.

Which distributions have you used before, you might find it easier to stick with what you know.
i've used red-hat 7.? before. I don't think I'll have to many problems adapting to different versions (I hope). I'm just after a version that will be up and running relatively quickly, so I can listen to music and watch movies.
Re fedora, can u install mpeg support later? I'm nearly through downloading it tongue.gif
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