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Full Version: Samba Problem...please Help
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I am new to linux and SAMBA. I am using Linux as a file server and back up machine to interface with my windows xp computer. I am able to access the directory I want, and even write to it. Unfortunately I am not able to write to any of the subdirectories though. I can;t figure out why.

Here is my smb.conf code. PLEASE HELP A NEWBIE OUT!!!!!

I can access and write to aeproberts directory, but I am unable to write to any subdirectories that I create. It is killing me.

comment = Backup Files
path = /home/aeproberts/
browseable = yes
write list = aeproberts
writeable = yes
valid users = aeproberts
public = yes
preserve permissions = yes
directory mode = 0770
create mode = 0660

Thanks to anyone who can help.
Sorry about the multiple gave me an error message when i clicked on the post comment button.

I should have checked before I tried re-clicking.
Probably not a problem with your smb.conf, just a problem with permissions. (You'll probably only need to set these once)

chmod -R 770 /home/aeproberts
chown -R aeproberts /home/aeproberts

That should do it. You might be making these subdirectories with root, or another user.
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