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Full Version: Ypbind
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Just done a fresh install of SuSe 9.2 and upon reboot/startup it spends ages trying to start ypbind and eventually fails and then continues to boot - /var/log reports the following: ypbind[3078]: broadcast: RPC: Timed out.

It is setup to authenticate using our NIS server and domain. I tried doing it manaully and it also times out. What I can't figure out is at the logon window it seems to have grabbed all of the users in the NIS domain to enable them to logon.

I new to Linux so don't fully understand it yet so any help welcome smile.gif

Could the lenght of the netwrok cable be a factor as this server is networked across a road to the other network, at a guess 120ft.

It has worked in the past though with the previous installation.
Have you tried setting the IP address of the NIS server? The boradcast could be filtered by firewalls or routers (check you dont have iptables enabled).

I have set the IP number to the NIS server, both the NIS server and the server I have the problem with have no firewalls enabled. I reluctant to use the 'broadcast' option , seems a shotgun approach to solving this problem.

I did a searched yesterday and found a reference to a bug/glitch in ypbind for Novell SUSE 9.3 but I cannot find the link now sad.gif

It was along the line that it was 'forking process' and it to do with timing.
I took the easy route out and just did a total re-install and it works fine now. I cannot find a DVD (I can download 6 iso CD images) iso imageof SUSE 9.3 server, only 9.3 pro seems to be on DVD. Oh well, its up and running now, ypbind is happy, got samba and swat configured and working great. One thing I can't figure out is how to remove old NIS users from the database - there are a whole load of non-existent users at the logon prompt.
Try and find the makefile for the database. It's normally in /var/yp/ or similar (just run "make" as root)

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