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Full Version: Stupid Question.
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hey, i picked up some nice suse 9.3 iso's froma buddy, all 3 gigs of it, well anyway, i picked them up as iso, and wasted 5 perfectly good disks..
I neglected to make them bootable and have used all kinds of methods to make these disks not be coasters.
Is there some way to make NON bootable burns, bootable?

It's also ok to call me an idiot and stop being cheap and burn some bootables this time.

Do the burned CDs contain just the one iso file or directories and files? If just one iso file then you will need to re burn all of them. If you extracted the files then burned the CDs I would just reburn the 1st CD which is all you need to boot the installer. If burning from windows i.e Roxio or Nero make sure you select "Create CD from image" option or the CD will not be bootable.

I have never tried to create a bootable CD from one that is already burned but my first guess would not be possible.
Correct; a CD that has already had data written to it cannot be booted.

Use a program like Nero to burn the image to a fresh CD-R. After that, go into BIOS and set your first boot device to CD-ROM.

That should be all you need to do.
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