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Full Version: (off Topic?) Proftpd
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Hello everyone. I'm having some problems with configuring ProFTPd. I'm not sure if this is an appropriate forum, so I'll keep it short. I've spent all day (seriously!) trying to get a non-anonymous, guest-only ftp server working. The documentation and online help/FAQ files are not very helpful and I'm just getting very frustrated. I'd definately appreciate any help.

If this is an appropriate forumn, okay. If not, we can get in contact via email and continue the discussion off list.


sounds like an appropriate question, i just don't know the answer sad.gif
My friend who has had some experience setting up ftp servers (on Windows) looked at the configuration file but he couldn't make heads nor tales of it. He did create a new test users, though, which worked fine with the configuration file I had...

I looked at what he had and compared it to what I had... it turned out I had entered the user's home directory wrong. Essentially, there has to be a valid home to log into!

Talk about feeling stupid. Oh well, i guess I'll chalk it up as a learning experience. See, but now I know. And there wasn't anything about that in any of the proFTPd pages. I think there should be some sort of validating check to make sure the directories are good and not corrupt or just non-existant.

I think I'll write them, and even offer to clean up some of their manuals for them. lol. They need it.

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