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Full Version: Windows Programs For Linux
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I have basicly desided to use Mandrake or Fedora Linux. My questions are is there a way to run GTA:SA and The Sims 2 on a Linux System and if not I have heard that it is harder to dual boot a WinXp machine(like I have) Vs. a Win98 machine. Is this true?
oops got an error message on posting, hit refresh and it posted twice. Sorry.
Windows programs do not natively run in linux. There is wine and cedega for playing windows games. Not all windows games work either.

No first hand experience since I do not have a XP, linux dual boot PC but according to other threads some people do have a harder time. You can use the windows to boot linux.
The cnahes of you getting to Sims2 to run on Linux is very slim - It uses pretty new and "exotic" libraries (such as parts of DirectX) which are not yet part of the Wine project. Combined with the speed implications (which wine claims are negligible, but in my experience are a serious problem) then game play wont be very enjoyable.

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