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Full Version: Cd-rom Mounting Error!
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n00b alert.

Alright, I installed Red Hat Linux 9 Publisher's Edition (that came with Red Hat Linux 9 Bible) with the CD-ROMs that came with the book, so the CD drive itself works, right? Anyway, none of my music discs will play in any kind of player. In the Terminal, when I try to mount the drive, ($ mount /dev/cdrom) an error message appears: "unable to mount drive" and it gives reasons like "wrong fs type, bad superblock on dev/cdrom, or too many drives mounted."

Could someone tell me what's going on and how I can get my CDs to play?
An audio CD does not contain a valid filesystem and therefore can not be mounted. The player accesses the CDROM device and the player needs to be configured correctly. Do you know how the drive is connected to the motherboard?

What players have you tried? If they appear to work but you do not hear any music it could be due to a couple of problems. Either the mixer volume levels are not adjusted correctly or your missing the audio cable that connects between the sound card and the CDROM drive. Current PCs do not have the cable because XP and W2K use digital audio extraction (DAE) but Win98 & ME requires the cable. KsCD does not use DAE but the later versions of xmms do. I do not think it was included with the default install of RH 9.
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