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Full Version: Unable To Establish Gnome Desktop
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Think I know the problem but unable to fix. Lack of knowledge. In /home/daniel I find this: ". .freeciv .sversionrc . .ICEauthority .urlview
.bash_history .kde .viminfo .bashrc .kermrc .Xauthority bin Mail .xcoralrc .DCOPserver_linux__0 .mailcap .xemacs
.DCOPserver_linux_:0 .mcop .xim.template Desktop .mime.types .xinitrc.template .dmrc .muttrc .xmms Documents OpenOffice.org1.1 .xsession-errors dvipsrc .phalanx .xtalkrc emacs .profile .y2log enigmarc public_html .y2log-1
.exrc .qt .y2log-2 .fbhighlevelshistory .RealNetworks_RealMediaSDK_60 .y2log-3 fbrc .RealNetworks_RealPlayer_60 .y2log-4 "

In .kde I find this " linux:/home/daniel/.kde # tree -L 2 |-- Autostart |-- cache-linux -> /var/tmp/kdecache-daniel |-- share | |-- applnk | |-- apps | |-- config | |-- mimelnk | `-- services |-- socket-linux -> /tmp/ksocket-daniel
`-- tmp-linux -> /tmp/kde-daniel 10 directories, 0 files"
I'm thinking that there should be a way to set up an option to auto start Gnome but can't find one and I have no desire to crash it now that it's running. In the opt directory I find the following: /kde3 and /gnome. I'm guessing this is where the files I need are. Am I on the right track and if so ; where and how should I do the editing. I'm betting this could be a real learning experience if my Operating System survives it. Thanks for any help. PS I have Windows 2000 but trying to get away from it.
Normally you can choose to start Gnome when you enter your username and password (gmd and kdm (the login manegers) both have an option to pick). Are you sure GNOME is installed?

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