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Full Version: Troubles With Xf86config, Xwindows Not Loading.
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Hey all, I'm a complete noob to linux and currently have red hat 7. (bought it a while ago)
Anyway, I'm trying to run Xwindows and I ran xf86setup and setup all the options. I'm sure of all the settings.
Well when i run startx it begins to load giving me a black screen then just goes back to prompt saying:

fatal server error:
no screens found

Now i selected the screen and put in the vert rate and such.
Can anyone help me out? (screen is LG 700S)
Also I could print out the server log file (if that helps), but i don't know how to print it. unsure.gif

Can you post the make / model of your graphics card?
Since Redhat 7 is on the old side it probably does not have the required modules for your graphics card.
It is possible to download the latest drivers for your graphics but I would also upgrade to a newer distribution. What type of hardware is installed in this PC and how much RAM do you have?
Graphic card: Nvidia Geforce 2 32 meg on board
RAM: 480mb
I think xfree86 has it set as a pci device :/
but i didn't see the option in xf86setup
You say you're sure of all the settings you entered, but obviously something you entered is incorrect.

My money is on XF86Config not having your monitor's correct horizonal and verticle freqs.

Please find your monitor brand and model, and google for it to find these vaules.

(Example: "MAG 77FS" + "frequency")

You can enter these vaules in with xf86setup (or xf86config)

You may also wish to try using 'vesa' as your video drivers, until you can install the linux drivers.
Redhat 7 is not going to have the correct drivers for a Nvidia graphics card. Go to their website and download the latest version. Follow the instructions and you should be good to go.

I would also think about upgrading to Fedora. A later version will have better support for newer hardware out of the box.
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