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Full Version: My / Partitions Memory Is Dissappearing?
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I seem to have a problem with my / partition, is free disk space is getting smaller and smaller!!
I am doing nothing and the disk space is going down? Do i have a replecating-virus or something? or what? Please help me as i dont know whats going on?
There are any number of things that could be causing this. It all depends on how big your hard drive (or / partition) is, and how much are you loosing each day. Linux does keep an extensive amount of log files, which can grow in size from day to day, however, most systems are equipt to rotate these log files and zip them up daily.

You can use the "du" command on each directory in your / partition and make a note of it's size and try the command again the next day and see where there is a considerable change.

Also, check and make sure you don't have anonymous ftp opened up. I noticed one day that my server was at 99% capacity, only to eventually find that anonymous ftp was open with upload abilities (!!), I don't know how this started, but there was an extensive amount of uploads from some user that was filling up my space.
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