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Full Version: Floppy Install?
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I am semi-experienced with using Linux from a desktop point of view.

I am looking for a distro that installs from a floppy disk. My CD burner died and I have an old computer that I would like to turn into a Linux box.

I don't need an X windows system on this machine, only a console with GCC and VI.

Any leads?
Well, you can do a complete net-install using debian's boot floppies, lets see if i can find some links...

First off, jump to:

and grab all the root.img, boot.img and net-drivers.img files (4).

Then grab RAWrite for Windows

Write each image to it's own floppy disk using RAwrite.

Boot from the boot.img disk, when your told, switch to the root.img. That will kick you into the debian install at which point you can load your network drivers. After this, you can install the entire system over the internet smile.gif

Please note that I have not tried this with the latest stable release (i use the net-install cdrom), but I have done this with previous versions and it worked flawlessly.
I had thought about this, but my current network setup wouldn't allow it. I have a wireless netwotk with all the wired machines needing to be online 24/7. Strange setup, I know.

On the other hand, I have looked into a Roll Your Own experement (namely LFS - Linux From Scratch). Hey, the added learning experience couldn't hurt. It isn't important that I get this system set up soon anyway.

Also, why would I want RAWrite for windows? Hehe, I'm 100% Windows free at the moment.
Any reason why you don't run some more network cable? tongue.gif

Got a friend with a CD-Burner? There probably isn't a good way to do this with only a wireless connection.
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