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Hello, I'm total newbie. My problem is:

I have both linux and WinXP in my system. However, this computer was owned by other person before me, and when I try to load linux, computer asks me to log in. Is there any way to load linux without password, and disable password option at all?
using winXP can you browse through your hard drive (all partitions) making sure you select the option to show all files, including hidden files? Perhaps you can access the .passwd file and insert a new password, otherwise I imagine you need at least the root password (login: root, password: *****) from there you can access the "users" and change their passwords, then you can log on to your GUI interfaces using one of the users files (login: user_id password: *****) and run linux stuff from there...

without a root password, the only option I know of is to re-install linux workstation on that partition (DONT do a Server install if you want to keep WinXP- Server installations erase the entire hard drive, you would lose your windows O.S.)

maybe someone knows a way to hack the root login and make a new password if you can access the hard drive via windows.. I, for one, don't..

I'm a relative Newbie, and just built my little system to create a testbed server for my web development projects, so I have never done a partition and install thing on the same drive as a windows system.


the one way is to boot linux in linux single mode
the other way is u can use linux cd in rescue mode to recover the need to install again.
QUOTE (gethemant @ Mar 23 2003, 05:20 PM)
the one way is to boot linux in linux single mode

Can you describe the way to do this? thanks
You boot linux into single user mode on startup. When you see the lilo boot screen (the screen that gives you options to boot into linux, or windows, or whatever) type out "linux single <enter>". That will boot you into single-user (root) mode.
i try to type linux single, however it still asks me for a password. sad.gif
use the new bootable cd
1.boot with the linux cd. the prompt type rescue and press enter on the prompt type
type chroot /mnt/sysimage
type passwd
type "your new password"
type exit
type exit
and reboot.u got the password.
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