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Full Version: How To Transfer Files From A Windows Hd To A Linux
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I have recently installed Ubuntu Linux to a 300Gb HD. I have formatted the entire HD for Linux. I also have an old 15 GB HD with Windows XP on it. I need to transfer all my files (mainly mp3, and Word Docs) over to the linux HD all connected in the same machine.

The problem is that I have the Windows HD and the Linux HD physically in the same PC. Is this possible to transfer files from the Windows HD to the Linux HD?

I know how to do this using Samba if the HD's were in separate machines.

Any help is greatly appreciated.

Step 1.
You need to identify where the drive is located and what partition you want to access.
1st controller master - /dev/hda
1st controller slave - /dev/hdb
2nd controller master - /dev/hdc
2nd controller slave - /dev/hdd
and so on.

If using SCSI then the first drive recognized is /dev/sda, the next /dev/sdb and so on.

Step 2.
A typical XP install would use the first partition /dev/hda1 but if you might have more then one. To see how your drive is partition perform the following steps. In a console window log in as root and type in the following command.
fdisk -l /dev/hdx (l is small L and x matches how the drive is connected )

Step 3.
Create a directory to use as a mount point.
mkdir /media/windows

Step 4.
Mount partition. In a console window type the following command.
mout -t ntfs /dev/hdxy /media/windows
(x is from step1. y is from step 2.)

Note: You need to be root to mount a partition not identified in the /etc/fstab file.

You can not browse and copy files at will. Just navigate to the /media/windows directory to see all your files.
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