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Full Version: Dirver For The Broadcom 4401 Integrated Nic
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i have a old dimensions 2400 so i loaded redhat onto it andim trying to get it conected to the internet throught the net adpater but i need the driver for it since it isent listed, i have looked on the dell site and searched useing google but found nothing. i went ont the Broadcom
site which only had one driver which was for linux so im guessing it must be for all producta out at hthe mo, so m questions are when i read the instructions it says things like

The following are general guidelines for installing the driver. Refer to
DISTRIB.TXT for additional installation notes for various Linux distributions.

1. Install the source RPM package:

  rpm -ivh bcm5700-<version>.src.rpm

2. CD to the RPM path and build the binary driver for your kernel:

  cd /usr/src/{redhat,OpenLinux,turbo,packages,rpm ..}

  rpm -bb SPECS/bcm5700.spec

so were do i type these instructions ( you must remember that i hae been useing linux for all of 20 mins now)

and my secound question is is there an easyer way of installing a driver beacuse i thougtht that the gui was supost to simplify all of this so it would be more begginer freindly.
You type these commands in a console window.

At the bottom of the desktop you should see a TV looking icon. If you click on the icon a terminal window should pop up.

Its been ages since I've run Redhat but there is a GUI application for installing packages. Its under system in the menu. I'm not sure if right clicking on the file in a file manager will popup a window for installing.

RPM - Redhat Package Manger.

linux is not quite "Plug and Play" like MS windows. In reality most GUI configuration tools run console commands or just edit text configuration files. The linux console is 100x more powerfull then windows DOS prompt box and one really should learn how to use it.
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