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Full Version: Do Mapping In Ubuntu
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I now using Ubuntu Linux, and i wanna map a drive from my server to my Ubuntu. So how can i do this? Pls advice.

Is this a linux server, or windows server?

If it's a windows server, you can use smbmount (man smbmount)

If it's a linux server, you'll have to use samba or NFS.

More information would be helpful.
Yeah, more information is definitly needed, here is a quick and dirty example:

NFS (network filesystem) mounting:

mount -t nfs serverip:/path/to/share /mnt/path/to/local/mount

For example, to mount the directory "/var/share" on my nfs server to "/mnt/share" on my client computer, i would do:

mount -t nfs /mnt/share

Samba (SMB) mounting:

mount -t smbfs //server/sharename /mnt/path/to/local/mount -o username='username',password='password'

For excample, to mount the windows share "Share" on the server "WIN2K" to /mnt/share on my client, i would do:

mount -t smbfs //WIN2K/Share /mnt/share -o username='user',password='mypassword'

The passwords would be what your Win server has allowed access to the share for.
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