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Hi (from a Linux newbie)

I am familiar with TortoiseSVN under Windows and I'm trying to find something to use under Mandrake 10.0. I came accross SVN Rapid that seems to promise something similar.

I want to set us a local repository so I can keep a track of changes to my code on a local machine (with full write access) but I don't seem to have the necessary software installed on my computer to even follow the documentation's guide, SVNbook. It says:

"The following example assumes that you have svn, the Subversion command-line client, and svnadmin, the adminstrative tool, ready to go. It also assumes that your svn client has been compiled against Berkeley DB. To verify this run svn --version and make sure the ra_local module is available. Without this module, the client cannot access file://URLs."

Well, I didn't.

So I found, downloaded and installed the svn client. Typing svn --version from a terminal window it says the ra_svn module (whatever that is) is available. Is 'ra_local module' just some generic term? ie is ra_svn the same thing. If not, what is it, how do I get it and what do I do with it to 'make sure it is available'?

But as for svnadmin, I can't even find that anywhere to download. The site with Rapid SVN has downloads for all sorts of versions of linux, but not Mandrake 10.0 that I have.

Does anyone know where can I find svnadmin?

rapidsvn is available in the "contrib" respository for Mandriva. will guide yout hough adding extra online pacvkage repositories to the DrakConf package manager, which should take care of all dependencies for you

Thanks for your help but I'm sorry to say that it seems to throw up some more problems!

From I filled in the online form:
Mandrake Linux 10.0 official and i586 architecture
checked the 'main' and 'contrib' etc and selected appropriate locations
then typed the generated command line into a terminal (logged in as SU with all appropriate permissions)

But the terminal just says:
medium "main" already exists
medium "contrib" already exists

If I try:
urpmi rapidsvn
it says:
Everything already installed

But if I try:
urpmi svnadmin
it says:
no package named svnadmin

So it is no surprise that when I try:
svnadmin -'anything'
it says:
bash: svnadmin: command not found

I'm quite sure what I am doing wrong is very basic, but any more help would be very welcome!

OK, after about 3 days of searching, give or take a day, I *think* I managed to get svnadmin installed, but the tutorial in SVNbook still requires me to have 'ra_local' available under svn --version. Any ideas where I can get this from? I found a few forums with people asking the same thing but with a total of zero responses!

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