Is there any way when formatting a DVD-RAM (with mkudffs) or after formatting use another command/tool that will do an integrity test on the DVD to be sure its all OK ? I have a DVD-RAM that apparently is bad somewhere on it, cause I can format it OK and copy a file onto it OK (a large zip file), but when I try to unmount it (when the DVD finalization takes place I believe?), the umount never finishes, can't even reboot the system from another command prompt, have to press/hold the power button.

This whole process works fine on a different DVD-RAM, so the *thought* is there is something wrong with this one disc somewhere that doesn't show up with the format. So I'd like to find out if there is some command/tool that I could use to perform a complete test on the DVD to completely check its integrity ...

I'm sorta new to Linux , so please excuse any obvious stupidity in this post ..

PS Linux version is Suse 8.2