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OK, have used proxy settings whitelist in Moz 1.6 or Konqueror to restrict surfing for young kids which works fine. Problem is that links from those "accepted " sites are blocked and rapidly becomes apparent that it would take too long to list all allowable links.

1. Is there a way to set proxy to allow links from accepted sites?

2. Tried to install DansGuardian. Long story short, I trashed my urpmi and perl files. Tried to delete and reinstall urpm and luck so finally reinstalled OS (thankfully saved /home partition).
3. Now leary of installing DansG so installed SquidGuard successfully, but fairly lost about the whole config thing. I guess I'll figure it out, but how do I access it from :
Is it built into mozilla?
i don't see it on menu

4. Any thoughts on Squid, SquidGuard, DansGuardian. From what I've read, I like the idea of content filtering in DG.


check out the guides section of the forum.

see this link

you can read it, and modify your squid conf by adding the few lines with squidguard into it, and then installing squidguard as it is written down there.

Robert B
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