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Full Version: Cannot Log In
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Hey guys, yes I am sort of what you'd call a noob.

Basically the situation is that I needed a Linux environment to program C/C++ in, as I'm a Computer Science major. So I chose SUSE 9.3 and am currently running a dual boot of WinXP and SUSE 9.3

So the installation appeared to go fine, but I cannot log on, it says the user name and password are incorrect. This seems completely logical, as I haven't actually created any users yet. I asked my friend about it and he says that I should have been prompted with a new user creation, possibly during the installation, but I can't remember this for the life of me.

Is there anything I can do to help myself here, or would I be better served to just reinstall from scratch?

Any help would be greatly appreciated.
I am not familar with the latest SuSE installer nor version but it should of asked you for a root password. If you didn't know root is the name of the system administrator in linux. if you can log on as root you can then add regular users via yast.
I'm sure it asked for a password, try passwords you'd normally use.

Otherwise, you'll have to reinstall (there are others way, but since you're unfamilar with linux these would probably take longer for you, and be frustrating).

This time pay attention during the install! wink.gif
Fortunately most of the users dont set the boot password, thus you can boot in the single user mode and fix the password.
reboot the comp.When the grub screen appears,press 'e'.It will take you to edit mode of boot parameters.add 'single' to the end of kernel enter and then 'b' to boot.
once inside the shell, type command 'passwd' without any arguments and create a new password for root.It wont ask for old password.after that you can use command "useradd" to add another user also.

Once you have created the user,use command passwd for specifying password for him.
#passwd <usr_name>
reboot and enjoy the show..
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