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Full Version: X-server Blues...
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I installed bought/installed RedHat Linux 8.0. The install ran well, but when it rebooted my system, it couldn't load the X Server, and I got the error message, but I had no text and the buttons just had strange characters on them. And the X Server wouldn't start. So I re-installed RH and it rebooted and blah blah blah, and the X-Server loaded and I had the login and all that good stuff. then after I restarted my computer... The old X Server problem persisted. but this time I could actualy read the error message, but the buttons were still in weird characters. So now I'm re-installing it for the third time today, HOPING it will work right. but if it doesn't... what is wrong? what can I do to fix it. maybe should I remove all partitians including Windows 98? and then try to re-install it? I don't knwo what to do. this is my first time actualy using Linux. I've had webserver's with it installed on it before, but it doesn't help me at all because it doesn't even amount to Jack Squat.

What are the error messages?
What kind of video hardware do you have?

Just sounds like a x server problem and not the rest of the install.
Hey. IT's working fine now. but the error messages said that he was unable to start the X-Server. I have a Voodo3 and a cirrus logic card (I don't know the rest) but it was unable to probe my monitor. it's freaking 8 years old
That's a video card problem... Had the same problem myself. A lot of it has to do with the way you have the card set up. One thing you want to make sure it does correctly during setup is the video card test. If it just gives you a screwed up screen, you need to change the resolution of color depth.


PS: What's this buying linux?
"Buying Linux" is when people using free software and appreciate it enough that they would like to make contributions to the company that gave them the free software. Not only do they get an official release from the distributer themselves, but they also get a nice manual and tech support (most distributers).

I, myself, have yet to practice this art, however, I will in the future when SuSE releases their newest next month.
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