Hi all,

I'm trying to replace an NT4 PDC with a Samba box running LE2005 and I've
hit an impass.

The server is set up to handle two groups of users, office administrators and
staff. Historically, the staff have been allocated 4 digit numeric login IDs
and this is the source of the problem.

I have the new server bound to the existing PDC and and running:

net rpc vampire

pulls across all of the office admin accounts but the staff accounts get
shipped as invalid user names. Now I understand that you can't have a numeric
group name and for this reason I have made an smbusers user map file that maps
unix ID's to NT ids in the following form:

a0001 = 0001
a0002 = 0002

but Vampire doesn't seem to read the user map file when it contacts the NT

I'm really stuffed on this and need a solution soon or it's Server 2003 for
me for the next 2-3 years.