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Full Version: Kernel Panic
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Ok, Im kinda new at this so bear with me. I was attempting to install the driver set for my WUSB11 v.2.6 in RedHat 8. I saved my session and turned off my computer. Later, when I came back and booted up, I got this message " <o> Kernel Panic: Attempted to Kill init!"
What does this mean? I have RedHat 8, kernel 2.4.18-14, i586. Please, could you point me in the right direction here?

I rebooted, and it ran through the kernel boot, but then it told me that I needed to "run fsck manyally without options". Then it brought up a prompt that said "repair file system #"

Any help...
With the ext2 filesystem, if the system is shutdown incorrectly (that being all filesystems were not unmounted cleanly) then linux will force you to do a filesystem check to ensure the data is intact. In your case, it was not able to do that check manually. When it kicks you to the prompt telling you to run fsck manually without options, just type in "fsck /dev/hda" from the prompt (/dev/hda being whatever your harddrive is, if you only have one harddrive, chances are, this is it).

The system will then run the filesystem check and prompt with with inconsistancies in the filesystem structure, just answer YES to all the questions, after they are all fixed, the system will either return to the bootup mode, or restart the computer.
OK, thanks, I'll try that rght now!
Sheesh, that was quick, i just finished typing that response, and there you were smile.gif
The beauty of checking your email every 1 minute...
Ok, this just got a little more complicated...
I tied what you said, fsck /dev/hdb1 (A is my XP drive). It ran through some checks, and rebooted. Now, it gives me yet another kernel panic, "Aiee Killing interrupt handler!". So, I tried the same thing again. after I hit <enter>, after typing fsck /dev/hdb1, it just sits there, flashing a cursor at me. What can I do now?
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