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Can someone tell me if these answeres are correct?

1) a system administrator maintains a file with birthdates of all users in /etc/birthdates. The file contains a line for each user, and is updated with the addition of every new user. Each line /etc/birthdates has the following format:

login name: real name: birthdate


DATE=`date '+%d-%m-%y'`

USERS=`grep $DATE /etc/bithdates awk -v FS=":" '{ print $1 }'

for USER in $USERS


echo "Happy birthday !" | mail $USER


2)1. How to write a bash script that

a. runs automatically every time you log in.

user need to include scripts directly into .bashrc so they could run each time user's shell login

b. tells you when you last logged in.

ans1) lastlog | grep $USER

ans 2) last | grep $USER | head -n 2 | tail -n 1 | awk {'print $3" "$4" "$5" "$6'}

which one is correct?

c. tells you the number of times you have logged in before now.

last | grep $USER | wc -l

Please let me know if these are correct?.

Any reason you don't just run these yourself, and test them? O_o
sounds like another homework question....
matter of fact i was thinking just now...why dont we have
a forum named "Homework Help"...HAHA
Yeah.. but you got to use your credit card to access that forum. That would be cool.
Joey, needs all help he can get.(I mean after *******)
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