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Full Version: Problem With Keyboard...
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I recenty upgrade my system to Redhat 8.0 and my keyboard is acting really weird.

I press a key, and nothing will happen. I press it again, and a few seconds later...a million letters (of whatever key I pressed) will scroll across the screen. I press backspace, it'll act normal and delete one of the letters. I press it again, it'll delete 3 of the letters, I press it again..and it'll delete them all very fast.

Every key I press is like this, either no letter shows up, or there's a delay before it shows up, etc.

Does anyone know what the problem could be?! ANY help would be GREATLY appreciated as it takes me 30 mins. just to login! lol

Thanks in advance,
Is this problem just in X windows, or everything, i.e. can you login using run level 3 and type normally, or can you not even do that?
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