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Full Version: Ethernet To Serial
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I need the easiest way to "bridge" all ethernet traffic from my PC over a serial port to another PC.

Any suggestions on how to do that.

I had initially thought that I could just open(eth0... and read everything in and write it to the serial port.. will this work? Is there a better way to do this?

Is there a script that I can write that will do this?


It doesn't work that way but it is possible. You do not mention what linux distribution and/or windows that you are running on either PC.

You will need to create a ppp connection via a null modem serial cable. Then use iptables and ip_fowarding to bridge ethernet and ppp together. Some distributions have an internet connection wizard to ease "bridging" but I have never tried it with a ppp serial connection.
I am using uClinux.

What I need to do is be able to sort through all ethernet traffic and foreward on (through a serial cable) to another of these devices where I can hand it back to the ethernet side.

Is there any way to override this PPP and take full control of it myself?

Probably, but I am not technically knowledgeable enough to tell you how to go about it. Is the some reason you need complete control?
Dear Jordan,

I have a similar requirement, I need to transparently connect a Windows (UGH) box to a remote IP LAN. The only link between these sites is a 19200 RS232 leased line.

I figure that the way to go is to put down two Linux boxes, bridge the ethernet card with the serial port on each box. (I have the extra boxes lying around, therefore zero hardware cost)

It is imperative that the bridge must be transparent (the application s/w is full of $%#$).

If you find out any way to do this, give me a holler!

<tallies at bigfoot dot com>
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