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Full Version: Quick Suse Terminal Questions
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hey guys. Im a slackware user and im used to doing mostly 80% of linux usage with terminal commands.
I find i can type a command in a terminal alot faster than poking around with a gui. Anyway I was gonna try out suse, seeming its one of the linux distros I havent tried yet. So far i've had a look at it on a friends pc but im kinda dumb with it. almost all of the shell commands im used to don't work. ifconfig. netconfig. xorgsetup and etc. Are there suse equivlents of these commands or is it all just Gui now.
Sorry about the posts .. I was getting a Error on Maill error and didn't know if they were going through..
I cleaned up the mess, but I don't ever use SuSE so I can't answer your question, sorry.
All those commands listed will only work as root. Are you sure you were logged in as root?

SuSe doesn't come with alot of things you'd be used to (make, gcc, etc.), but I'm betting that ifconfig is there.

As for xorgsetup, perhaps it uses XFree86 instead of xorg?
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