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Full Version: Delete Old Mail From Cpanel Fwd'g Account
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Good day!
My wife uses her CPanel POP3 account only as a forwarding address ever since she signed up with GMail. This causes trouble every few months when her inbox fills up and sends "Mailbox is full" messages to people sending her mail.

I have set the Aging setting for her account to delete mail older than 7 days but (as I understand it) this process will only run when a POP3 session finishes. Can I set up a cron job that will open and close a POP3 session on her account once a week? If so what will the command line syntax be?

Hey Nathan,

I'm not sure if you've already solved this problem but I thought I would give you a couple quick ideas - I had to make a similar decision when my wife and myself switched to using Gmail and forwarding my accounts there. I still download my mail to Outlook, maybe I'm paranoid but I like to have a backup of my mail should I need it or something happens to my free gmail account. For my wife I've been downloading her mail via pop email as a backup but if you really don't need the pop email and she is not accessing it you can just delete your pop account in cpanel because your forwarding addresses will be processed independent of the account. If you have a forwarder and no account the mail will not accumilate on the server, if you have the account of the same name then it will store the mail in that account in addition to forwarding. You can test it out by setting up a test address and sending mail to it, don't setup a pop account for the new account just use the forwarding/alias area.

I hope this helps

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