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Full Version: Suse Linux Pro Installation
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First I am a newbie, I have bought SUSE LINUX PRO by Novell, it said there is installation phone help, but did find out that I was wrong, all kinds excuses about resetting Bios, that is why they can not help.
I insert Disk 1, rebooted the computer nothing happens, was told to change something in Bios so it will start from a CD.
That is why I am here, hoping somebody out there could help me getting started.
Any help will be appreciated
Thank you ztips
Your CD-ROM probably isn't in your boot order. When you computer boots there is a specific order of devices that it checks to boot from. Who ever set up your computer probably took the CD-ROM out of the order to speed up the boot processes in general.

Reboot your computer and you should see a screen that says "Press ___ to enter setup" That blank will be something like F2 or Del or who knows. Press it and you will get into your setup screen. You are looking for the boot order settings. You need to move your CD-ROM either back into the boot order period, or move it infront of your hard drive.

If you can't figure it out, you need to tell me what kind of computer and what kind of BIOS you have if I am going to be able to write more specific instructions. Good luck.
Start up your computer.

You will either see:
1) A black screen with white text, with techincal information
2) A graphical/logo screen

Either way, try the following keys during this time:
F1 through F12
Delete (not Backspace)

You should enter a new screen (which will probably be blue with yellow text).

Find an area that talks about "Boot", and make sure that 'ATAPI CD-ROM' is set to 'First Boot Device'

Hope this helps!
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