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Full Version: Erasing A Hard Drive
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I want to erase my hard drive but dont know how to do it while running linux. i tried to boot from a floppy disk and format it but it wouldn't boot. It said take out removable media.

Anything would be helpful. Please dry.gif
You want to format the disk that the linux install in on or you want to format another drive?

Formatting another drive or partition is easy, just run the format command for what ever file system you want to use.

Here is a quick table of the common ones.

ext2 mke2fs
ext3 mke2fs -j
reiserfs mkreiserfs
xfs mkfs.xfs
jfs mkfs.jfs

So if you wanted to format /dev/hdb1 to ext3 you should go mke2fs -j /dev/hdb1

If you want to format the drive that linux is installed on you need another OS to do it from. Knoppix would work great since it is a live CD. I don't know what you need the drive for, but any installer for an OS should be able to format it at the time.

If you are really tring to get rid of the data for security reasons, say that so I can give you more info on that.
im trying to erase the hard drive linux is on

when i use Fdisk on the slackware installer CD, if i delete all the partitions will the Hard Drive be erased or do i have to do something else.
If you delete the partitions the hard drive will be "erased" as in you will be able to format it for something else or what not. But, it will not be erased as in somebody who knows what they are doing could never retreve data off it then it is not.

If you need to really protect the data you need to do random writes over the drive six or seven times.

If you just want to use the drive for something else, delete the partition table and then you will need to re-format it again before you can use it.
ok thanx alot i got it now biggrin.gif
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