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I just installed linux on a hand me down computer. I've never used this OS before, so I just need some guidance. Ok, the OS is Mandriva 10.1 Limited Edition. I'm haveing a problem wih my video output, the only way I can explain is that its choppy. Also I'll be playing a game and whenever I have to make some move or action the screen will go blank for the duration of the action and than come back up once the action is finished. I figured that my Video driver needed to be updated as with any new OS just being installed.
This is an older computer, the Video card is an iNvidia Riva TNT2 64. I went to iNvidia's websight and looked for this cards driver, and I found this nifty little link say that this driver is good with any operating system for all the TNT versions of RIVA. Now I find it hard to belive that this driver is good with both Windows and Linux, but I decided to go with it and download the driver.
All I need to know is if this driver will work with linux?
If it does than I would appreciate instructions on how to load the driver.
Also if linux won't except this driver, which im almost positive that it won't, how can I improve my video output without buying a new card that linux support (or should I say that supports linux).
Even though the third option says Riva TNT I believe you need to select Geforce and TNT2 instead, then select linux IA32 and press the Go button.
The following driver is good for all Nvidia-based cards:-

Instllation instructions are included, and it is fairly straightforward. Make sure you have kernel-source installed, and that you are running the isntall as root.

Open a terminal like "konsole", then type "su -" to get root access. To install kernel-sources type "urpmi kernel-source", the first option is usually the right one

ohmy.gif Guys, I have a similar problem with a Vizitron LCD Screen on an NVIDIA adapter, X window never comes up, and errors with NO Working configurati0n.

I have tried to follow DS2K3 tips, and got the code down OK, but the urpmi command just came back saying no kernal-source package??

When I the install (SH NVIDIA etc) it comes back saying incorrect kernal, system will compile, but it can not compile as there is no CC component.

How do I know the Kernal module, to down load the corret NVIDIA driver?

Could the Screen error really be the NVIDIA driver?


It's kernel with an E

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