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Hello all.
Excuse my newbness but I have a question that I am having a hard time finding the answer to.
I want to have a dual boot sys with XP and SuSe 9.3 Pro. I've never used Linux before and was given the SuSe 9.3 pro 5cd set by a friend and was told to try it. My question is if after partitioning my drive for xp and SuSe, AND I decide later not to use SuSe, how do I go about reformatting the SuSe partition so that it is able to be used by windows xp once more???
OR vice versa, partitioningthe remainder of the XP drive to be used by Suse???
TY in advance for help!
Well, first you have to have a sepereate partition for suse. It's actually better to have 2 additional partitions other then your XP partition because linux utilizies a swap drive for "virtual memory". Normally for your swap drive, you want a partition roughly between 1-1.5 times your ram. For example, if you have 512MB ram, you'd want somewhere between 512M-768M of a swap drive.

If you don't have any free partitions right now, and just one big Windows partition, you will need to find a partitioning program that will resize your current partition and use the free space to create 2 more.

If after the install of SUSE, you decide that you do not want to have Linux on there anymore and would like to go back to just Windows. You have two choices. You can either use the previously mentioned partitioning program and resize again and make one big drive, or you can right-click on My Computer, go to "Manage", then "Disk Maintanance". In there you can delete partitions and re-make windows partitions.

An example of a partitioning program that will resize is Partition Magic, however, it does cost money.
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