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Full Version: No Write Access On Nfs Export
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NFS is something that has always puzzled me. I have never successfully got NFS to let me write to anything.

With that said, here's my /etc/exports file:

/data,sync) is my machine, and it is the only machine that should have write access. I would also prefer that the rest of the subnet ( has read-only access, but because of my configuration issue here, I'm keeping variables to a minimum.

In my fstab (on my workstation), I have this: /mnt/fs2_data nfs rw,rsize=1024,wsize=1024,auto 0 0

The directory mounts read-only just fine, but no read-write.

Also, the NFS server lists the owning-group's GID because that group doesn't exist on the workstation. Is that causing problems?

Any help would be great. This is driving me nuts!
What Disro & Kernel are you using? I found with slackware. The default kernel 2.4.29-noarch-1 would pick up my ntfs drives but the driver would allow only Read off them. When I upgraded my kernel to 2.6.10 The ntfs driver picked up the drive and mounted it with read and write access and I have been playing games straight of my XP partition with cedega with both read and write without a hitch. same with saving music and etc. Hopefully this helps. mabee a simple kernel upgrade is all you need.

Opps I taught you ment the ntfs file system not NTS. Feel free to delete this post tongue.gif
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