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Full Version: Configuring Dsl
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Hi I'm new to Linux. I have an XP /Mandrake 10.1 dual boot. I use DSL to connect to the net. My modem is D-Link 502T. In windows my network is configured via DHCP.

I tried the same in linux but my country India was not listed so I selected a random country. Once connected only a few sites open.,, to name a few. The big ones: Yahoo, Google, and all don't even open.

What is the problem?

Where did it ask you for your country?

DHCP has nothing to do with country, so I'm a bit confused by your post. Might I suggest that, in the unlikely event that India is not listed, you choose America? (If for no other reason that this is usually default, and will work)
I went to:
>configure your computer
>Make new connection
>Select internet mode (I chose DSL)
>Choose ethernet card
>Select country (I chose Argentina the first time, then I chose Ireland, it made no difference)
>Irrespective of the country chosen I get five to six modes: PPoE, PPoA, Tunnelling, DHCP etc. (DHCP and PPoE both work)
>Then I am asked to provide some more details

For windows I have to remember this:
IP address ; user name=admin, pwd=admin.
No need to choose all those things..

Just select the userid and password
Could you explain it a bit more?
I dont know if this works with Mandrake. But all I do with slackware is type adsl-setup and fill out all your info that it asks for. also note when it asks for your dns server type server so you get it from your isp. then when I want to connect I use adsl-start and adsl-stop.
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