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Full Version: Ethernet Modem
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mitico boltzmann
Hi, I'm a new Linux user and I got problem with the internet connection.
I use MandrakeLinux 10.1 Distribution and after the installation, when I get to configure my hardware with Drakeconf it doesn't recognize my sound card (it is integrated on the motherboard) and cannot take the correct driver for the internet connection.
This is my Pc's configuration:

intel Pentium IV 3.2 GHz 1 Gb RAM
ASUS P5GD1 Motherboard (PCI-Express)

The Ethernet card controller has to be a Marvell Yukon 88E8053 PCI-E GIGABIT.

I tryed to get the drivers from the ASUS official site, but I have problems installing them, 'cause they need the presence of Kernel in the sub /usr/src/linux where it is not. I tryed also in creating myself the subfolder, as was written in the readme file, with no result.

Thanks All
Please type 'uname -r' in a console window, to see what kernel version you have. Then:

Go to mandrake control center > software management >install >search and type kernel and download the kernel source for your version. (I'm not sure, but I believe you will have to extract it. The file should show up in /usr/src)

Assuming it's bz2: tar xjvf kernel-source.tar.bz2

If it's tar.gz: tar zxf kernel-source.tar.gz
mitico boltzmann
My kernel is
I tried to get it as you said in the post, but I didn't find the right way, so that I got it from the net, but it is a rpm file, that seems a self-installing archive, so that I don't know how can I modify it.
On the other way I found my driver in harddrake's list but it says that it cannot be set and suggests me to try with different parameters (io = xxx, etc..).
Now I think it is possible that I cannot set up my ethernet card due to a driver that has to be updated (but I need help in updating the kernel --> rpm file), but if you suggest me the way I would try to configure manually the card as asked in harddrake.
Thanks to all answers!
Just type "kernel" into the pakage manager "install" utility, then select the kernel-source rpm from the list that applies to the kernel you are running ("kernel-source-2.6*****mdk" wher the *s relate to your kernel version), and click the install button. No need to extract anything, the apckage amanger will install everything for you.

Once you have done that, you should be able to compile the driver successfully.

mitico boltzmann
I solved my problems installing Mandriva Linux 2005 LE in which all the required drivers are. Thanks All
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