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Full Version: Strange Program Behavior
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OK, this problem is kind of strange. I have a program, pwscf ( We are using the intel optimized fortran compiler. The program compiles fine, that is not the problem. The problem is that, while it runs on one account, it does not run on some others. It's strange. It runs on a few. Same user group, as well, so permissions are not a problem. On accounts that it fails on, it whines about some variable not being defined. (looks like a library problem.) However, even when we copied the .bashrc and .bash_profile files over, same problem. (the files contain sources that point to the correct libs.)
We even tried compiling the program on one of the non-functional accounts- it compiles fine, but won't run. Running the re-compiled program from a "functional" account works just fine, like the original.
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Is it possible that these users (working or non-working) belong to more to one group? Might want to check out /etc/group

When you compare UID/GID(s) do you notice anything, such as users over/under a certain UID/GID work with this program while the others don't?

It's a long shot, but check out ulimits -a on those accounts. Perhaps the limits on this system are cutting off certain users (max proccesses, max file size, etc.)
All users belong to one group. The UIDs that work seem to be randomly distributed..... Limits are also OK.
Maybe there is some other conf file pointing certain accounts to the wrong libs somewhere else, and it is somehow overridden somewhere?
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